State of the Nation Address…

State of the Nation Address…

BIG day at Iota earlier this week…

News came through of a big jump in our position in the annual CSA Global Top 100 Language Service Providers list for 2017 — up 16 places!

It got me thinking…

These last 12 months have been massive at Iota:

  • Up to #79 in the Global Top 100 (out of more than 18,000 LSP firms worldwide!);
  • Held steady at #22 in Northern Europe;
  • Fifth successive year of double digit revenue growth (against an industry average of just 6.97%);
  • Successful brand re-fresh and online/social media investment;
  • New presence established in the UK;
  • Some wonderful marquee clients on-boarded;
  • Some (equally) wonderful people brought in;
  • New offices acquired in Dublin’s CBD; and (most importantly)….
  • Satisfied clients!

This is the culmination of some significant investment decisions, continued hard work and an unerring belief in what we can achieve when we stick to our values — our core principles of no-nonsense, consistent, unwavering, customer service.

Ultimately, we are what our clients believe us to be.

All businesses are. The minute you lose that sense of self-awareness and start to believe that your self-view is more relevant or important than the opinions of your client, you are heading for trouble.

Big thanks, as always, to all our clients for their continued support (and the challenges they provide on a daily basis!) and to our highly talented localisation engineers, technologists, analysts, linguists and project managers — whether at Iota Dublin HQ or at the coalface in-country.